The unique elements of the Dead Sea

Premier Dead Sea Elements

What Makes Us Special:

Premier Dead Sea’s world renowned scientists have taken the wisdom of the Dead Sea and the latest advances in technology to deliver harmonious and synergetic benefits to your skin and life.

Dunaliella Seaweed

This elusive seaweed was found floating along the briny waves in the Dead Sea. This micro-algae is the only living organism that can survive in the hostile waters and it is highly concentrated in proteins, vitamins, lipids, and essential fatty acids that are essential in nourishing and repairing the skin.

Dead Sea Salt

Salt from the Dead Sea is unlike any other salt on Earth. The salt is cogent in relieving skin ailments and nourishing skin. The high level of magnesium in the salt is instrumental in assisting in skin hydration and reducing any inflammatory problems while calcium, potassium, and chloride all firm and lift skin. Our purified salt is found in our scrubs, bar soaps, and nourishing cleansers.


The medicinal black mud is a mineral-rich medley of organic elements retrieved from the shoreline of the Dead Sea. The mud is known to improve blood circulation, detoxify, and smooth and soften skin.


These undifferentiated cells are a vital ingredient in our facial serums to help rebuild skin and unlock all hydrating components in face creams and moisturizers. They also have an unprecedented anti-aging effect. Plant stem cells in particular have the ability to renew and replace cells that are dead or have been damaged.


The liposome is a unique vesicle composed of phospholipids that are engineered by Premier scientists from carrots, squash, and watercress. The liposome is used to administer nutrients in skincare ingredients to unlock their full potential. The laboratories of Premier utilize the powers of the liposome to make each skincare formula potent and vigorous.