Quartz Gem Brightening Under Eye Treatment


A light creamy emulsion that smoothes and deflates fatty tissues around the eye contour, revitalising a tired appearance. It immediately fills in the unevenness of the bags, lifts the upper eyelid, smoothes between the eyebrows and provides silky radiance. It has a lifting effect that lasts for 24 hours.

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Additional information:

Advanced scientific processes developed in Premier's laboratories use botanical stem cells and Dead Sea minerals in this unique treatment that works as a de-inflammatory, smoothing and defining eye contour.

It comes in a 15 ml presentation, 5 ml more than other products of this style on the market.

The Quartz product line received the Cosmopolitan Award y Awards Bazaar for its effectiveness in the field of natural aesthetic medicine and beauty science.


  • This treatment reduces puffiness under the eyes and firms the skin under the circles under the eyes.
  • Lightens dark circles that form under the eyes due to fluid retention.
  • Fades fine lines at the corners of the eyes.
  • Evens out the unevenness of the skin under the eyes immediately, with a 24-hour effect.

Key Ingredients

  • Caffeine: a stimulant that works on the skin as it does in the body, awakening the outer cells of the epidermis by activating blood flow to the skin's surface.
  • Gingko Biloba Extract: This extract comes directly from the Japanese walnut tree and has expectorant properties that cause the skin to eliminate swelling.
  • Liposome complex: an exclusive creation of Premier by Dead Sea scientists to make the treatments so effective, it enhances the other ingredients and stimulates the skin to take exactly what it needs from the treatment.
  • Alpine Rose stem cells: this is a very particular rose, as it grows in the Swiss Alps and withstands extreme sub-zero temperatures, which enhances its regenerative properties. Alpine rose stem cells help to dilute the moisture in the skin cells so that the skin feels silky and soft.



This daily treatment should be applied in the morning and evening. With the ring finger, place 3 dots of the solution on the area of the dark circles under the eyes and 1 dot on the upper eyelid, spread with small touches, do not massage, until it is absorbed.

If a serum is used beforehand, it is advisable to wait half an hour for this application. To enhance the results, use with the Quartz Gem Metamorphosis Lifting Mask twice a week.