Mud Soap Ore


The black mud from the Dead Sea can nourish the skin with essential minerals, while it can extract impurities that may have been collected during the day.

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Additional information:

The Dead Sea and all products derived from it are known to treat ailments of all varieties. The black mud from the Dead Sea can nourish the skin with a unique blend of essential minerals, while at the same time extracting impurities that your skin may have picked up during the day.

As you remove dead skin and sweat with this black mud soap from the Dead Sea, you will also help stimulate blood flow, giving your skin a new look. Once the blood flows more freely in your skin, the surface will feel brighter and more radiant.

More than just a soap; it's a cleanser that restores.


The cleaning provided by this soap is gentle and effective. The black mud removes impurities while releasing minerals beneficial to your skin. Black Mud encourages blood to flow closer to the skin, giving your skin a healthy glow!

Mud minerals and trace elements from the Dead Sea nourish the skin while natural and essential oils moisturize and hydrate the skin so that it feels soft and silky after rinsing out the lather.

Key Ingredients

Black mud: black mud can help with skin and body renewal. Black mud also helps with aches and pains that come from arthritis. Your skin looks better and your body feels better.

Almond oil: Almond oil heals the skin, leaving a soft and silky feel. As almonds are a nutritious snack, they also have many beautifying properties! Loaded with a host of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, regenerating and moisturizing almond oil can do it all.


Use a loofah or shower sponge to get a lather from this soap. Rub it all over your body and then rinse with warm water.