Clarifying Lotion


A calming and soothing cleanser for sensitive skin. While it removes impurities and removes dirt and makeup.

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Additional information:

A calming and soothing cleanser for sensitive skin. While removing impurities and removing dirt and makeup, the Clarifying Lotion also nourishes the skin with minerals and soothing extracts that leave the skin soft and supple.


  • It cleanses the skin.
  • It removes impurities, waste and dirt.
  • Leaves skin soft, nourished and conditioned.

Key Ingredients

  • Chamomile extract: Scientists use chamomile for its soothing qualities. As irritation resolves, it can heal inflamed, scaly and cracked skin.
  • Salt from the Dead Sea: Dehydration and malnutrition go hand in hand Dead Sea minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium nourish the skin to help regenerate new skin cells, but also help the skin retain moisture.
  • Rose Musk Oil: While rose musk oil can close pores, it also shrinks capillaries near the surface of the skin. This dramatically reduces redness and decreases any swelling.


Saturate a cotton ball with the clarifying lotion and apply by pressing along your face and neck. Continue until dirt and impurities present in the skin are left in the cotton ball. Rinse skin with warm water or remove cleanser with a mild toner.