Biox Age Defying Collection


Age Treatment Biox Ultra, is a unique line with thermal action, which stimulates the circulation of the skin, allowing it to skin circulation, allowing it to penetrate and act intensely in the desired areas. Its complex of minerals from the Dead Sea, act as excellent toning and anti-inflammatory agents.- – anti-aging agents, fading expression lines and flaccidity.

The Age Defying SerumThe Age Defying Serum, characterized by its action and tightening effect, will diminish the tired and flaccid appearance of the skin, being the perfect step to give rise to the Age Defying Cream, the skin'sat and moisturized appearance to your skin, and the perfect jewel to finish this uniqueThe perfect jewel to finish this unique treatment is without a doubt the Intensive Age Cream Gel, a daily treatment ideal for the targeted the expression lines that appear with the signs of aging around the eyes. around the eyes.


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This formula was designed toto reduce skin tension and the effects of time on the skin.. Dramaticallyreduces wrinkles and sagging of the skin, this productThis product gives the skin an immediate toned and elastic appearance. This highly advanced treatment is enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, mineral salts, and firming properties thatsmoothes and tightens the skinfor a more youthful appearance. Vitamin capsules burst on contact with the skin to restore a smooth, natural glow, while wrinkles and fine lines fade.


Apply the product twice daily, morning and evening. Massage the serum carefully over your skin with gentle, upward strokes. Avoid letting the serum from getting in your eyes. This formula creates the base for the cream.



An essential daily treatment, to combat the appearance of tension around the eyes. The spontaneous and natural movements of the face lead to the development of wrinkles and lines of various depths, known as expression lines. This advanced solution is a safe alternative to cosmetic injections and will help reduce the imperfections and wrinkles that appear with age.


After cleansing the skin, apply a small amount in gentle dabs to fine lines and other areas prone to wrinkles. Massage gently in an upward motion. Use daily.



The final touch in the BIOX ULTRA treatment. This cream is rich in Dead Sea minerals and is a safe alternative to anti-aging cosmetic procedures. The varying depths of expression linesexpression lines mark the skinby everyday facial movements. This formula reduces the appearance of expression lines dramatically by fortifying the skin's natural composition. The cream Biox ultra intensive age-defying cream,will reduce wrinkles and tensionproviding a more radiant and firmer appearance for younger looking skin.



Apply the cream twice a day. Take the cream with your fingertips and carefully massage gently in circular motions until it is absorbed.