Mascarilla Desintoxicante Anti-Edad – Ageless Future Detoxifying Mask


It is a foaming solution that detoxifies the skin thanks to its cellular rehabilitation particles, eliminating toxins from the skin layers caused by external agents, such as environmental pollution, high exposure to the sun or temperature changes, and internal agents, such as an unbalanced diet and skin dehydration.

The snake venom peptides allow the pores to open up while cleansing the skin to allow the tightening effect of the face muscles to penetrate and neutralise the downward displacement of the skin.


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Additional information:

The relentless test of time has many effects on us as we age. As our skin stops producing collagen, we fall prey to sagging, fine lines and wrinkles.

Premier has designed Seamax Cell Renewal Complex with Dead Sea Minerals to provide a cosmetic solution with an advanced scientific approach. This approach revives the cell renewal process, restarting it and revealing healthier looking skin. Snake venom-inspired peptides affect neuromuscular activity to inhibit receptors in the muscles that fold the skin and cause wrinkles. This, together with the revolutionary cell renewal process, allows the skin to take on a smoother, more youthful appearance with noticeable effects within one month.

The Ageless Future product line has received 3 awards for excellence in the field of natural aesthetic medicine and beauty science:

  • HBA: Healthy Beautiful in America
  • Beauty Award 2015
  • Hypoallergenic Award


  • The natural renewal of skin cells is reinitiated by this mask to reshape the skin's natural elasticity and reveal the appearance of a healthier complexion.
  • The action of the foam allows the formula to be absorbed into the skin and enriched from within.
  • They strengthen the tissues that support the facial muscles.
  • It injects pure oxygen into the cells.

Key Ingredients

  • Snake venom peptides: Our synthetic peptide (not tested on animals) is equivalent to temple snake venom. This tri-peptide affects the neuromuscular activity that folds the skin and causes wrinkles, fine lines and expression lines.
  • Seamax Complex: Inspired by the wisdom of ancient Greek women. Premier enhanced the natural formulas used in ancient tradition and created this unique and unprecedented complex to slow down skin ageing.
  • Dead Sea Minerals: Specifically refined to rejuvenate, heal and soothe the skin. The concentration of Dead Sea minerals stimulates blood circulation, keeps the skin's metabolism active and nourishes a tired complexion.


Apply a thin, even layer to the face, using upward strokes. Leave the mask on for three to five minutes until it foams and changes colour. To remove the mask, rinse with lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, and pat the skin dry.

It is recommended for use from the age of 40 onwards, 1 to 2 times a week. To boost your results you can use Ageless Future Serum and Ageless Future Cream daily.