Some innovations create profound changes and this exceptional and professional skin care line is one of them.

Unique, powerful, Paraben Free, reinforced formulas contain: Black Diamond Powder, Pearl Powder, Dead Sea Assets, Liposome Complex, Phospholipid Complex, Stem Cells, Silica Salts, Organic Watercress, Organic Oats, Organic Rye, Elastin and Whitening complex, which capture the earth's rejuvenation secrets.

Driven by the eternal search for the most advanced and powerful natural anti-aging ingredients, Premier's research team travels the earth in search of new innovations. This quest has resulted in a 7-year investigation developing the secrets of anti-aging. Today, Premier's researchers are writing a new chapter in the history of Dead Sea mineral skin care. They have discovered a unique, exceptional and active combination of ingredients, each capable of complementing the other and offering unprecedented anti-aging powers.