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Premier Cosmetics, Dead Sea in the House


The Dead Sea is a natural wonder. Formed millions of years ago, this geographical phenomenon is at the lowest point on Earth.

It is a coveted resource for skin and spa treatments that have been valued before biblical times.

The famous Cleopatra fiercely believed that the Dead Sea had mystical healing powers. She built the world's first seaside spa, and reportedly made several attempts to buy and acquire the entire sea for Egypt. She attributed its famous and acclaimed beauty to the secrets of the sea and all it had to offer.

Today, the Dead Sea is still considered for all the health benefits it offers. Its high concentration of minerals, salts, water and mud, provide unparalleled skin care benefits.

Premier Dead Sea has harnessed all the magic of the Dead Sea and the world's leading skin care scientists to package the wisdom of nature and advances in technology to deliver harmonious, synergistic benefits to your skin and your life.


The Dead Sea is extremely concentrated in minerals and essential elements. These include magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and iodine. These properties are known to be beneficial to skin and health.

The secret of Premier Dead Sea is the brilliant fusion of nature and technology in a complete skin care treatment. Leading scientific teams and laboratories, take advantage of all the benefits of Dead Sea minerals, nature and plant extracts, and liposomes, to deliver in our products, everything that nature has to offer.

Each formula helps the skin's natural ability to renew itself. Each product is carefully formulated to be recognized by the skin as beneficial. The product is absorbed by the skin as it becomes a vital source of energy, oxygen and nutrition. The unique wisdom of nature is combined with new technologies to please your skin with science and nature.


Premier Dead Sea prides itself on effective treatments and quality that have been recognized over the years for their innovation. These treatments have been awarded for their ability to renew and rejuvenate skin to its most desired state.