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Summer is back, joy and the desire to live to the fullest are present in every corner where we see, visiting the sea is an almost obligatory appointment, enjoying food, festivals or meeting with family and friends, is the best that this season brings us. In summer we usually sunbathe and fill ourselves with that vitamin D that we crave so much during the rest of the year, colour is a fundamental issue as multiple studies confirm that it makes us feel happier and full of optimism.

After the grey days we have left behind, colour should be an important part of our new way of looking at life, because by seeing our surroundings with new eyes, we can project ourselves and help the people around us to live and glimpse a brighter future full of immense possibilities.


For this reason, from Premier Spain we want to invite you to fill your summer with colour, to take out your most cheerful and colourful clothes, and to paint your hair that colour you've always wanted, it's time to spread our wings and be protagonists of the best summer of our lives, it's time to let us look more real than ever!

Another interesting and unique way to fill our summer with colour is of course make-up, we have seen how the new generations know how to make the most of vibrant colours to express the best of their personality, turning the use of bright colours in make-up and clothes into a worldwide trend.


CENTER STAGE is our high-end make-up line, enriched with Dead Sea oils and minerals enriched with oils and minerals from the Dead Sea, a line of exclusive products, whose pigments are exclusive line of products, whose pigments are high coverage and long lasting, providing a flawless impeccable finish in each stroke, so you will get incredible results when you use them. when you use them, that's why we invite you to discover with us all that a colourful summer can do for you. a colourful summer can do for you.


If you want to know more about our CENTER STAGE make-up visit our website:


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