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It seems that the summer is over, we have enjoyed and we have had a lot of fun with our family and friends, the sun, the heat, the beach and and had a great time with our family and friends, the sun, the heat, the beach or the pool or the pool, have been the perfect formula for many to enjoy these holidays. vacations. When we enjoy ourselves we forget about everything, but there is something we should never forget! we should never forget! And that is the health of our body, and especially of its largest organ: our body. especially its largest organ: our skin.

Premier by Dead Sea

Spots, dehydration and wrinkles are visibly evident signs after the summer, dermatological consultations are often filled with patients impatient to eliminate these signs of premature aging that have appeared in the past. "from one moment to the next" on their skin after "a little carefree" with sunscreen and sun protection; but eliminating these signs of premature aging is not so easy, and their appearance can be a real headache.

Peelings, botox, laser, plasma, among other invasive procedures, are necessary to try to eliminate blemishes, dehydration or wrinkles. necessary to try to remove blemishes, dehydration or wrinkles, and none of the above, in spite of their procedure, cost or pain, can guarantee 100% removal of these guarantee the elimination of these signs 100% (Everything we could have avoided with sunscreen and a avoided with sunscreen and proper skin protection). the damage is already done, we can only look for all the options at our disposal to try to mitigate the to try to mitigate the consequences.

At Premier by Dead Sea, we have developed a formula to solve each of these problems. Our products are designed to help you treat the after-effects of summer in a non-invasive way. This time we want to introduce you to our PRESTIGE PEARL WHITE line, a line of products composed of pearl powder with 18 amino acids and 21 minerals from the Dead Sea, which contribute to the production of collagen and proteins, ideal to promote the disappearance of sun spots and acne scars. This formula also contains natural plant extracts, lactic acid and vitamins, which stimulate, promote and accelerate cell regeneration, thus reducing the visible damage caused by exposure to sunlight.

Those who have already tried this incredible line consisting of: Serum, cream and applicator are satisfied with the result, as they can observe how gradually their spots caused by the sun or acne disappear little by little, giving way to a new, cleaner and more lush skin.

If summer has left another sign of premature aging on your skin and you want to know the formulas we have prepared for your condition, let us know! Our consultants will contact you and show you the best solution for you. If you want to know more about PRESTIGE PEARL WHITE line:

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  1. Marta

    Good evening,
    I am 53 years old and I have dark spots on my arms from the sun, but what really worries me is my face and neck. In the face I never put myself in the sun, for a long time I have rosacea, and I can not get it to disappear, more and more I have more all over the face, it seems that I have burns.In the neck many wrinkles.I always work at night, and I do not expose myself to the sun for many years.What should I do, thank you very much.

    1. Stephanie

      Nice to greet you Marta, thank you for writing us, sun spots accumulate over time and without realizing it they silently form on our skin, our main recommendation is to always visit the doctor to rule out any special condition you might have in your skin, if your doctor approves it, we recommend you within our product line to use our Perla line to treat the spots, and for rosacea we recommend our PSORICALM line, let us know how it goes!

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