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Wrinkle Removal without Plastic Surgery

It is possible to eliminate wrinkles, expression lines and facial flaccidity without plastic surgery, through non-invasive treatments such as high-end creams, yoga face and some ultra-frequency treatments.

This Mother's Month we will focus on taking care of those mature skins that show signs of ageing. As time goes by or due to wrong sleeping positions, our cheeks sag, sliding the muscles of the whole face downwards, and causing many noticeable changes in facial expression. Nasolabial folds, marionette lines, inverted smiles and bulldog cheeks appear.

Among the most effective solutions are luxury products with a high collagen protein content. This month we will be showing you our anti-ageing lines that offer a lifting, corrective and preventive effect:

  • Ageless Future

This line includes a deep wrinkle filler, a repair cream, a tightening serum and a detoxifying mask. The successful effect of these products is inspired by snake peptides (a synthetic molecule, not tested on animals) that acts on the downward displacement process of the facial muscles, paralysing their involuntary relaxation and strengthening the production of collagen that supports the muscular weight of the face.

Counteracts the effects of facial sagging by directly targeting the fine lines of deadskin and deep wrinkles caused by the loosening of the face's natural tensor threads.

The Ageless Future product line has received 3 awards for excellence in the field of natural aesthetic medicine and beauty science:

  • HBA: Healthy Beautiful in America
  • Beauty Award 2015
  • Hypoallergenic Award


This is the first line of Premier Cosmetics that we present to you as an effective and true alternative to combat the effects of aging, without having to apply botulinum toxin injections or perform any invasive surgical procedure in which you could expose your health and make your skin become lazy in its own production of collagen.

We invite you to visit the section of this anti-ageing line and find out all the benefits that offers you.

Remember that your skin is not old, it is mature, and therefore must be cared for with specialised treatments.

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  1. Silas

    Very helpful article on the topic of healthy ageing.
    Lately I am becoming much more concerned about how age affects my body.
    age affects my body. I hope to see more posts like this.

    1. Stephanie

      Thank you for your comment Silas, we look forward to sharing with you more health and beauty recommendations.

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