Frequently Asked Questions

We are the only official distributors in Spain and Portugal, so our products and those of all our stores in Spain have the guarantee of being 100% original, we work directly with Premier by Dead Sea laboratories in Israel, without intermediaries, so we are the only distributors nationwide that can guarantee the accuracy and quality of the product you buy from us, we are not responsible for the purchase on alternate pages to ours and stores that distribute our products clandestinely.

We work with Express Mail. This allows our shipments to be free for the customer for purchases equal to or greater than 49 ?, however we do not have a guaranteed delivery in 24-48h. Once the package is prepared and delivered to Correos the average delivery time is between 2-3 working days, which can be extended to dates and for specific reasons.

We currently have 4 forms of payment available. Credit card and Bank transfer or deposit, and Cash on delivery and PayPal.

Yes, you need to register on the website to purchase. You must fill in some simple information, which is essential to ensure that the package arrives correctly at its destination. We also ask for the telephone number as any incident, doubt or query is communicated to the customer through whatsapp.

Yes, they often do not share promotions or gifts for purchases. In an online store the products can be even cheaper than in a physical store due to the cost reduction involved in this type of commerce, or they can have a slightly higher price since they do not handle the same offers and promotions as in our different physical stores.

Yes, you can track
your order through our "
Order Tracking" option available on this website.

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