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Have you considered the option ofinjecting botox to reduce or conceal wrinkles? Thanks to the advanced technology in natural cosmetology developed by the laboratories of the Premier by Dead Sea brand in Spain, several non-invasive alternatives have been discovered to counteract expression lines, wrinkles and facial flaccidity without having to undergo surgery or surgical treatment.


Expression lines and wrinkles appear in skins that have little subcutaneous fat, dry or dehydrated skins that do not produce enough collagen to maintain the skin's elastin and this causes the cells of the superficial layers to crack one by one until they reach the deepest and mark irreparable lines.

With the Biox Ultra treatment line, not only can you prevent wrinkles from appearing, but you can also fill in those skin furrows that have already appeared, just like hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin, better known as botox, with the big difference that with Biox products you don't have to inject any drugs into your body.

How does the Biox Ultra line work on the skin?

Inspired by the effect of botulinum toxin bacteria paralysing the nervous system connectors so that muscles do not move and give the appearance of smooth skin, the formula used in Biox Ultra produces the same effect but as a natural plant-based alternative (organic watercress) that instead of paralysing favours muscle relaxation, penetrating into expression lines to fill them through absorption rather than injection.

Why is using Biox Ultra a better option than injecting botox or hyaluronic acid?

Mainly because it is a natural, non-invasive alternative that produces the same effect without having to expose your body to a substance that, if misapplied, can be very harmful and cause irreparable damage.

The cocktail of natural ingredients in the Biox formula is extremely strong, potentiating the anti-ageing components found in avena sativa, aloe vera, uva ursi, glycolic acid, vitamin A retinol, mud and 26 dead sea minerals to smooth the skin by lifting the facial muscles from within without paralysing them.

It is so effective that this line has won science awards in natural cosmetology and aesthetic medicine:

  • HBH (Healthy Beautiful in America
  • Beauty Award
  • Hypoallergenic Award

You already know that you have this fantastic alternative to fight ageing without surgery, it's like having botox in a cream.

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